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Background Work Paycheck Details, Day 1 of YouTube TV Show, Upper East Side Properties, Stock Market Updates, & Paintings

by JoJo's Jots
Background Work Paycheck Details, Day 1 of YouTube TV Show, Upper East Side Properties, Stock Market Updates, & Paintings

I thought it would be interesting for some to see the details of a background workers check. So the check attached was for a TV show I recently worked on here in Manhattan and for 9 hours sitting on a plastic chair underground with no internet service surrounded by a hundred strangers in a very tight room where everyone needs to get up if one person has to get up after $53.09 removed the total earned is $156.52. I do not do background work anymore and am very grateful for the experiences as well as some of the acquaintances I’ve made. Also the check takes a few weeks to arrive.

Today is the first official day of working on my YouTube TV Show and I’ll start posting the details after the first episode launches which I hope to have that wrapped by Sunday if not sooner. My channel can be viewed here. One of my goals is to be able to name my channel. I love going live on YouTube but can only do it from my MacBook Air at this time due to the account being so new, just a few days really. The current requirements for being able to go live on YouTube with one’s iPhone is 1000 Subscribers & 4000 hours of real watch time. I’m guessing the real watch time means I can’t go on there and click play on my videos that are hours long and have the time build up. It’s gotta be real.

Speaking of real I’ve discovered something rather recently post-moving to the city. I’ve always known about being real vs being fake but sometimes there can be a slip and every time there’s been a slip I’ve always been punished by the universe in an enormous fashion. So lesson learned, be real and not everyone will like you but the universe sure will. By universe I mean higher power, one-self and one’s mindset, or whichever one chooses.

Love’s Looking Good Lady Antebellum. I bring them up because that’s what’s currently playing on my Alexa and it’s a really happy song which I always like to hear. I’ve also noticed that on Apple Music if you find a great playlist and want to add it to your library you can’t do that, at least I can’t. You have to add the songs to your playlist manually. I”m OK.

I’ve started checking out Upper East Side properties as that’s my long-term goal living here in the city. My favorite neighborhood is Lennox Hill and I love those properties close to Park Avenue.

The stock market looks great today for me. Today’s top movers are Twilio currently at $166.41 with a 52 Week Lo at $68.06 & a 52 week high at $170.00. 27 Analyst Ratings say 74% should buy 26% should hold and 0% sell. Twilio is focused on creating communication software that includes cloud platforms and services. It uses API’s Application Programming Interfaces that handle customer engagement. Headquartered in San Francisco the stock name is TWLO & went IPO in 2016.

I started doing 100 push ups & 100 dips every other day and they are done connected to another task such as after I hang up a call or right before I start one. For the way my brain works I can never ever do 100 push ups all in one sitting as I would cry of boredom unless there were a $10,000 check at the finish line every time.

Brooks & Dunn: Boots, Scoot, Boogie is playing on Alexa and that’s another happy song, country. Good to know. Just asked Alexa to play Brooks & Dunn for the first time in my life. We will see how this goes. OK so far so good.

I just shot with our camera man the intro to the YouTube TV Show and it looks good.

I painted more.

Neiman Marcus filed for bankruptcy but there’s a difference. Chapter 11 is doomsday tombstone. Chapter 13 is getting a handout from the government for a second chance. This is Chapter 13.

More to come! -JoJo

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