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A Visit in Paradise at the, “Flagler Museum”, in Palm Beach, Florida

by JoJo's Jots
A Visit in Paradise at the, “Flagler Museum”, in Palm Beach, Florida

Hands down, nothing beats a beautiful home, especially when you’re invited.  The Flagler Mansion is a sight to see.  Beautiful columns surpass any visitors height. Become enchanted with the aisle of Palm trees that take your breath away and take you inside one of the most spectacular homes in America for its time.  Entering the home I was sprinkled with light rain to cool things down for the rest of the visit and came out to radiant sunshine.

Be sure to read all about Flagler, his business successes, and his family history which can be read throughout the gorgeous rooms.  What really makes this mansion a gem is that it’s located right on the water.  One can see yachts, sailboats, and motorboats pass by through the windows while admiring the priceless interior designs and decor.

Why not walk into the Flagler Museum in style and comfort?  I’m wearing a pair of my favorite shorts that fit perfectly and have a great stretch feel that gives extra comfort.  Despite the Labor Day fashion regulations, I love to wear bright white anytime the weather permits.  This pair is 98% cotton and 2% Elastane and are easily machine washed.

Another plus with these shorts is that they are not see-through and have a cell phone pocket located on the right side.  I like how the shorts go right to my knees, aren’t too big, nor too small.  These really do fit just right, fabric is soft, and great quality!  The cell phone pocket fits almost any cell phone and there’s no baggy feel with these shorts.

All ages are welcome in this historic home and one can also listen to the Flagler Museum audio tour which will guide you room by room and is self-paced.  History buffs will love this option.  Another plus with the audio tour is that it provides one with the option to repeat and return at one’s leisure.

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