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A Little Bit More of Bars…

by JoJo's Jots
A Little Bit More of Bars…

Sunday June 23 2019

9:00 AM Alarm

9:20: AM I assist someone with parking their Tesla in an incredibly tight spot around the corner. 

9:30 AM Starbucks Hudson & 10th

10:15 AM St. Patrick’s Cathedral

11:30 AM LiketoKnow.it shoot outside the cathedral.

12:15 PM Mananoush Amazing bread and lamb with olive oil by Washington Square. 

1:00 PM Washington Square

1:10 PM Central Park Run. I got on the 2 and listened instead of looked this time. It skips 59 Columbus Circle. I quickly hop off and wait for the 1 at 42nd St Times Square.  I found a new LiketoKnow.it shoot spot near home and it’s great for morning and evening.

4:00 PM: Stonewall Park

5:00 PM: Rust Knot

6:00 PM: Cubbyhole

8:00 PM: Baby Brasa. Drinks, Apetizer, and 1 entree $50.08 with $10.00 tip. 

11:30 PM: Beautiful stroll home. 

More to come! -JoJo

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