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2019 Wardrobe Right

by JoJo's Jots
2019 Wardrobe Right

There’s something about a bright jacket that gets me every time. If I ever have an opportunity to purchase a piece of clothing or accessory that has bright vivid colors I take every opportunity to do so. I’m a happy person and happy people like happy colors. I’ve actually had moments where I find this great piece of clothing and I decided not to purchase it because the color is generic, bland, or brown. Some of my favorite colors to wear our turquoise, purple, red, pink, yellow, orange, and any other hugh that is bright and cheerful. Speaking of cheerful I’d like to introduce you to one of my favorite jackets from Uniqlo.  

I discovered this jacket in the heart of Tokyo and have never been able to take it off since.  Not only is this jacket is very comfortable but it quickly warms me up in no time! I love the fact that it has a hoodie and the fact that the hoodie fits my big head. This jacket is a extra large and sometimes extra larges just don’t fit me but this is the perfect missing puzzle piece to my wardrobe. One of the special features of this piece of clothing is that it is super lightweight very windproof, durable, and water repellent for those rainy days and Mondays but they never get me down.

This stellar jacket has to pockets in the front for both of my hands for those times and in the windy city of Chicago or running to 6 feet of snow outside Rockefeller Center in the heart of New York City. This piece also has a zipper pocket on the inside that can fit the iPhone X S max and a few other small accessories such as my airpods. This jacket also has a headphones pocket on the side in the event one decides to use the wired headphones and the zipper is easy as pie. In the event one really want to get snug with this jacket it has bungee cords that can tighten each area of the jacket conforming to your body during those brutal cold winter nights. Click or tap any of the photos of the jacket in this post to purchase and shop my look.  More to come! -Jo Jo’s Jots

More to come! -JoJo

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